The host blir till film!

The Host ( genom dina ögon ) - ska tydligen bli film nu också. Den ska spelas in i början av nästa år. Det verkar ju gå bra för Stephenie Meyers andra böcker också. Grattis till henne!

Det här var det " Perez Hilton " berättade

Just to clarify, we are not talking about Breaking Dawn. Shocking as this may sound, Stephenie Meyer has written other books than Twilight.

Okay, only one other book, but it still exists and apparently, has the potential for the big screen. Sources say the film adaptation of Meyer's adult novel, The Host, could begin as early as next year.

This could mean, depending on the start date for Breaking Dawn and the possibility of two movies, that The Host could make it to theaters before the end of the Twilight franchise.

If they had them out at the same time, Summit would make a KILLING! Twi-hards wouldn't know what to do with themselves! Something to think about!

But then again, do Twi-hards care about stories that don't involve sparkling vampires?

Well, do U?



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